Otas Akenzua was born in EDO State Nigeria. She Is of the Royal Household  of Edo State Benin City Nigeria. A granddaughter to His Royal Majesty Oba Akenzua II. The late king of Benin. 


She is the CEO of Immortal Healing. And a Certified Spiritual Counsellor.  Using Angelic Reiki Healing as one of her healing modalities. She facilitates Powerful Healing Meditations. Such as DNA and Ancestral Healing Meditations-Planetary and Cosmic Ray Meditation. 


Her New Moon and Full Moon Night vigils are highly sort after by many. Many are giving great testimonies. After their experience. All her healing sessions are helping to bring positive balance into people lives      


She is a renowned Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and a Professional Practitioner-Theta DNA Healer-Spiritual Counsellor and  A Multi-dimtional Seer


And has been able to help many , through her gift of clairvoyance . In the area of Love and Relationships and other matter such as the Liberation of self and others.  She is grateful for the privilege of service to others. Giving thanks and honour to the Mighty I AM Presence and all her ancestors. Who have guided her on this  Great Path to enlightenment.



Her Spiritual and Religious background is one she felt should have been rooted In the knowledge of honouring her ancestors from a young age. But now realised that it was all working out perfectly  


She began her spiritual path as a Born Again Christian between the years 1994-2005.


The path of a Born Again Christian is one she is very grateful to have experienced. Feeling that the experience gained in that dogmatic programming had its advantage


In that discipline, She Cultivated and Master Relevant Spiritual Discipline. Such as Fasting- Praying-Night Vigils and the Daily Studies of Scriptures (Bible)


Her spiritual level of understanding is that " One Can Not Separate Spirituality From Nature" And That All Karmic Actions Are Rewarded. Both Good And Not So Good 


She has experienced great struggles throughout most of her life. Which is expected to every man born to Earth.  Now believing that her Troubles and Struggles are...

THE GRAND STAIRCASE TO SUCCESS. She Suffered  and endured the pain of disappointment on all leaves that were undetected at the time as KARMA


Cause and Effect as a result of Once Actions. Through Self Realizations by the mercy of..

The Divinity who graced her to recognize that, the source of her problems were links to a number of inherited karmic situations. From Ancestral Linage to her own Past and present  life Misdeeds. 


She is  grateful to the Supreme Personalities For the preservation of her life. As she struggled blindly through the valley of the shadow of death. During these overwhelming period of her life and the lessons derived from them. She now affirms that in truth,"Experience is the Master Teacher"


With a Personal Appreciation and Gratitude  to all the Spiritual Masters Teachers. Who's energies has helped me to power through my faith in them.


Spiritual energies such as Jesusthe Christ-Shirdi Baba-Sathya Sai Baba- Archangels-Ascended Masters- Biological Ancestors-Personal Spirit guides-Scientist-Teachers of Higher Consciousness. In Body and  In Dis-embodiment 


Through the teachings of these Master Minds. She has learn that the human DNA is a direct carrier of the memories of our Ancestors and of our Past Lives Memories


Our DNA is the carriers of every experience in Words - Thoughts and Actions. every Trauma-Poverty-Fears-Emotional Wounding's-Limitation and Successes  Just to list a few. Like a walking library We Carrie these memories. experiences along with their drama as our own. Oftern not knowing their implications


Through her spiritual path she was guided to understand that when one is burdened with problems. One after the other. Its root cause is due to some form of Karmic debt Inheritance.


The more She explored the idea that our Ancestors and Past Live karma Has a root cause to many of life's sorrows? This gave her a platform to begin to seek for Solutions


She has became more Enlightened and Spiritually aware, and has been able to bring conscious connections to a number of her plights that were directly co-related to her Ancestral and Past Live Karma.


These severe plights encompassed Financial Restrictions, a Lack of Steadiness, Melancholia (deep sadness) and Unhealthy Relationships to name but a few.


Through her plights she gained Strong Intuitive Directions that allowed her to Honestly Analyse, Reassess and Take Responsibility to heal these Karmic Inheritance


It is very Important not to blame any more. Because blaming adds to your plight resolve negative situations that began to develop and build the foundation of her self confidence.


She now humbly accepts that the Law of Nature is no respecter of person. What you sow you will reap.  Ancestral  and Past live Karma's affects our being more than we understand or are willing to comprehend.


Each and every one of us is at a place and a time. Where, we can say that we are so fortunate To be in this Golden Age. Whereby The Ancient knowledge. is raining golden showers upon us. I am even more fortunate to be able to articulate them


Daniel 12:4  " But thou O Daniel shut up the word and seal the book even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased" 


Every one of us on this planet, is going through dramatic and rapid change, which has a direct connection to our DNA and Cellular Structure. Spiritual Masters and Scientist informs that we are going through a DNA Upgrade 


A terminology that was very to a Born Again Christian Mind Set. One She could no longer ignore but to seek the understanding thereof. There are  tools available to all. To help facilitate any Emotional Traumatic Healing necessary


This is why Otas Akenzua is grateful to be a certified Angelic Reiki Master- Psychic. She is accredited to offer healing service to those who have faith and wish to empower themselves. As well as healing their Ancestral Bad Karmic Inheritance 


She has a plethora of experience in Organizing Teaching and Advising Clients within the Reiki discipline. Her spiritual rank is high and is used in all aspects of her work, which is focused primarily on consultations that are continually being sought from


  • Semi-professional

  • Athletes,

  • Business professionals,

  • Men & Women Health and well-being events ( supported by Haringey Council)

  • Family Units. 


She is a regular guest speaker on radio stations both Locally and Nationally.  Furthermore, she is currently appearing as a guest speaker on London radio  and TV shows. Attracting a growing number of listeners. 


My humble gratitude to everyone and every situation. That has helped me to find myself.  Princess Otas Akenzua 

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