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Princess Otas Akenzua International Clients.

"We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much. We don't allow our bodies to heal, and we don't allow our minds and hearts to heal."


Thich Nhat Hanh

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

Q. How quickly can I receive help and assistance through Immortal Healing?

A. Immortal Healing can help and assist you immediately for urgent cases.  Please note that this is a bespoke service at a premium cost, due to specific preparations and safeguarding for the client and the Immortal Healing personnel.  In other circumstances, Immortal Healing schedules a suitable day, date and time for services and products.

Q. How do I send my request for help and assistance?

A. It is important that you describe to me what you are going through and what is recurring in your life.  Please add ALL information. 

What/How do you feel? 

What/How do you see? 

How do you sense the 'thing' that is affecting you.

Where is the issue affecting you?

Please enter ALL information about your well-being.  The more I know, the better I can alleviate the issue that you are experiencing. NO information is too small or too trivial.

Q. Is Angelic Reiki a religion?

A. No. Angelic Reiki is NOT a religion.  It is a universal life force energy.


Q. Can anyone receive Angelic Reiki?

A. YES!!! 


Q. Can payment be made in other currencies or Bitcoin?

A. At present Immortal Healing is accepting GBP (£) payments only.  In 2018 processes to receive payment as Bitcoin, US$ and Euros directly, shall be considered.

Q. Do you only help women?

A. Immortal Healing helps and assists women, men and children.

Q. Can you do home / work place visits?

A. Yes.  This is possible.

Q. Will my private details be kept strictly private and confidential?

A. Yes.  All client information is kept as STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL with Immortal Healing.

Q. I have a hearing impairment, do you offer services and products to the Deaf community?

A. Yes.  Through the assistance with a trusted sign language personnel.  There is an extra cost for this.  Please email for further information.

Q. I have a visual impairment, do you cater to Blind clients?

A. Yes.  Guide dogs are permitted at the Immortal Healing offices.  Please email for further information.



Subject: DNA Cleansing Meditation

"It has been over two years when I heard  a voice over the airwaves talking about spiritualism and our ancestors. I contacted Princess Otas and enroled in the Ancestral Meditation classes. From that time I give thanks to my angels, spirit guides, ancestors and the creators of our being.  Since I have been going to these classes it has opened my mind abut the way we look at the creator and ourseleves in these modern times. Religion has not given us the tools to help us to elevate our mentality to the creator, but it supports the hardship and suffering in many quarters. The people have become slaves to the system and from time to time, one had to come to help the people from the suckers of the poor.  I was in a position where I was stuck, not knowiing how to make a successful life for myself. My ex-wife turned the table, denying me to complete the life we had, what we had planned with our children. For four years fighting for my life I got my divorce and my house back.  There was something missing. LOVE.  When I started meditating, it helped me to go within, to start knowing myself. Then started loving myself. With that my children started moving in. One by one. Work started to roll in. My bills started to reduce. Meeting people who were able to help me when I needed it. Because of the tools given to me from the classes I have been able to use them to be here today talking about my life. In the Book it states that God helps them who helps themselves, and Princess Otas has the key to unlock us from the grave of life to nature's beauty.  These classes are to heal the Mind, Body and Soul.  To become one in the sight of the creators. When we can heal ourselves we can heal a nation with love and not being part of the dark. Only of the Light. Princess Otas may you be contnually blessed and guided to do the work of the ancestors. To liberate the minds of the walking dead. So be it."

Horace Muhammed

Please note that Immortal Healing is in the process of acquiring a new premise in London, UK.  Further details shall be made available upon refurbishment completion.

For all questions regarding products and services please use the Immortal Healing Contact Form above.


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