What is Angelic Reiki?


Angelic Reiki is The Universal Life Force Energy. This Life Force Energy permeates all life in existence. It is a gift that is ministered to those who  desire it. This ministration is known as Attunement. The  Attunement are not facilitated by the Master Teacher but through the Master Teacher By     the Archangels known as The Mighty Sarims from the Angelic Kingdom of Light. 


Channelled through an accredited Angelic Reiki Master. Who is the conduit to minister this gift to the receiver. These gifts are given by the 30 Archangels know as The Mighty Sarims . There resides in The Temple of The Angelic Hierarchy of Light. 


All Attunement are done in a guided meditation seating. To connect the participant to their "Feeling Body" - Higher Consciousness. The blesses received as a result to these Attunement are.

  • Activation And Healing Through Colour Therapy 

  • Receive Attunement Blessings Through The 13 Rays Of Creation

  • Reconnection To The 10 Archangels Of The Tree of Life


  • Become Open To Your Multi-Dimensional Self - Higher Consciousness

  • Reconnection To The Healing Crystals of Atlantis-Making use Of Their Gift

  • Reconnection To Your Galactic Healing Team - Help Fulfil Your Devine Purpose

  • 4 Ascension Blessing From Lord Melchizedek 

Biblical Quotes 

Hebrews 6:20 

where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf having become a high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek


Hebrews 7:11-12

Now if perfection had been attainable through the Levitical priesthood (for under it the people received the law) what further need would there have been. For another priest to arise after the order of Melchizedek


Angelic Reiki use the Atlantean Master Symbols. These symbols are Ancient in Truth and in Wisdom.


Job 12:12 " with the ancient is wisdom and in length of days understanding"  

These Angelic Reiki Attunements are activated at the Subatomic-Molecule- Genetic-Mathematical-Musical-Physical and Super Luminary aspect  of your being (chakra system) Ancient symbol are carriers of High Vibrational Frequency. With grace to help individual Cleans and release one from bad karmas.  One Source of which is Inherited through our Parents Past Lives and Current Misdeeds  


Anyone who is privileged to receive these Attunement blessings  Is greatly  considered to be very fortunate. As it has the power of Good to help Cleans Bad Karmic energies we all carrier from generation to generation within our DNA Field


Angelic Reiki healing is a treatment that has the power to heal our emotial wounds. Itis none abrasive and administered  with  Respect to ALL


ALL Healing Work Is Done Through The Angelic Kingdom Of Light With Unconditional love.



Angelic Reiki Healing is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light. To bring one of the highest forms of healing to the individual. Each and every healing is unique to the client's needs.


Angelic Reiki Healing uses the accredited healer such as,,,

Otas Akenzua CEO of Immortal Healing as a channel for healing To assist the Mighty Sarims To enable and activate specific parts of your DNA that requires attention.  The Mighty Sarims are the major Arch Angels.


Angelic Reiki Healing is not a religion. It is Science and Natural Laws. That can be beneficial to anyone who is with or without a faith. it is Holistic  .


Angelic Reiki Healing is superb in focusing the human consciousness and the consciousness of the planet for healing and balance. Angelic energies  are not restricted by time and space.

Working with Angels and Archangels allows us to penetrate deeply into all areas requiring rebalancing and healing in our lives and the planet. 


During Angelic Reiki Healing the recipient enters a Peaceful. Calm and Positive Environment.  Each and every client is lovingly supported to let go of Physical, Emotional, Ancestral Issues and Karmic Imbalances.


During each session of Angelic Reiki Healing the client will either lay on a beautiful Healing Couch or sit in a comfortable chair of your choice,


Whereupon the Immortal Healing healer will place their hands at the Upper Abdomen and at the heart area.  Or as guided by the angels. You are fully clothed during the healing session.


Each healing is administered through Positive Energy and is a Harmonious Approach that works in conjunction with all other forms of Medical and Psychological Therapy. 


For Immortal Healing it is a blessing to give an angelic healing sessions.  In addition, to receiving angelic energy which is passed through to the client with good, pure and positive intentions. These sessions are for all, especially clients who feel lost and emotionally wounded. Angelic Reiki Healing energy is truly a friend to the MIND, BODY + SPIRIT.



  • Are you feeling stuck, confused and heavy?

  • Do you feel there is more to life than you are currently experiencing?

  • Do you feel that you are just going around in circles and often feeling depressed?


DNA Cleansing Meditation is a very Powerful Meditation Session that can help you dissolve Bad Karmic energies that may be holding you back.


It will give you a powerful, effective meditation that is in tune with every aspect of your DNA.  It attunes your DNA so that you are able to connect and heal your Ancestral blue print and past lives memories, in a more harmonious way 


To help uproot and  resolve karmic imprints that are blocking you from your true potential.  It restores all negative karma to a positive balance,


Enabling you to move forward and break ALL Cords, Barriers and Blockages We all have negative karmic consequences. Which can be very painful.  Karma is not a punishment, but rather the universal law of cause and effect. We must all pay back for a more balanced life .


Thanks to the We Golden Age of Knowledge whereby information on what we can is wildly available.


DNA Cleansing Meditation will give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded people. Who may be going through similar experiences as yourself. After this session many report that there feel lighter. Well this is because  spiritual loads are dissolved and cleared. Some are more able to connect and hear from their higher Self and inner guide. This is our Birth Rigth



During this meditation, we connect with our own Akashic Records which is within our DNA making a better connection with our own higher Self for guidance. 


The Akashic Records is a database of every Word, Thought or Action. Encoded  in our  DNA (a non-physical plane of existence). These records contain comprehensive information. Of every experience of the Soul in the Physical Body within the planet Earth.


The Records are continually updated, with each new Thought, Word or Action that every Soul or entity makes. The Akashic Records therefore contain the energetic prints about the originate and journey of every Soul. Through its lifetimes. They connect each of us to one another.


Ancestral Healing Meditation invokes the Higher Beings...

(Positive Atom) energies of love and light. To  repair the distortions of the energetic blue prints from our ancestors, that no longer serve us for our higher good. 



DNA and Ancestral Healing Meditation can help us to clear heavy energetic blockages. we have inherited from our Ancestors and our own Individual past life experiences.


These memories are held on a deep sub-conscious level in the form of energy that can influence our lives in the way we may not want.


Many of our unresolved problems such as attracting unpleasant relationships,  poverty, illness and much more. Can be linked to our Ancestors and our past lives. Through this meditation we honour our Ancestors who will in return bless us.





All Spiritual Readings / Psychic Readings are  facilitate under the guidance of pure, positive and good intentions for all our clients


Our Psychic readings, brings about awareness, without impeding your decision making abilities.


Psychic Readings are a Healthy and Positive way to help address situations which you feel are making your life  stagnant and confused


By having regular reading sessions with a reputable seer such as Immortal Healing. You can overcome obstacles. Through the messages received that are always for your advantage.

1 Samuel 9:9  Before time in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God Thus he spake. "Come and let us go to the seer"  For he that is now called a Prophet was before time called a Seer   


  • All psychic readings given by Immortal Healing serves as a guiding light.

  • To fulfilment our promise.

  • To help you move forward with positive steps.


This is because we understand that our imagination controls the physical. Many of our problems here on earth has it's roots in negative vibrational programming. This can be due to unresolved issues that we may not be aware of. Some of these issues are due to genetic bloodline/lineage and environmental programming. All of which encourages us to remember our spiritual nature

Walking  in spirit ( going back to nature) is not something humanity is willing to ignore any longer. We are wishing to heal our Mind- Body -Soul- Earth Mother. Whom in return will compensates ALL with  balance in all manner of Prosperity   




Could your life challenges be linked to your Deceased Family Member(s), OR, the Deceased Attached to your Property?


Many people are experiencing unseen presence in their homes as well as hearing voices. This can be very unsettling for the one having to go through such a thing.


Through spiritual understanding and awareness we have come to know that many of our Deceased Loved Ones have not made it through the earth plane to join their loving and wise ancestors.


House Karmic Cleansing can be  a Full On, Strong, Powerful, Comprehensive Clearing Energy AND Preparations, that will help all Immortal Healing clients  rise above the heavy energies and vibrations that are weighing down upon them. 


The preparations is unique to the individual. But can consist of specific compounds, waters and affirmations that are bespoke to each and every location; as directed by Psychic Guidance.


It is not uncommon for Earth Bound Entities to greatly influence the life of the living. in various negative ways. One of the ways you may recognise if you are under their influence one may experience  suffer Depression, Fear, Anxiety, increments to Severe Anger and Negative Mood Swings,

plus many more ills as a result. 


Due to the powerful nature of the House Karmic Cleansing energy that is performed by Immortal Healing, the individual that resides in the house is also afforded a comprehensive cleansing energy to keep them free from dark forces.


House Karmic Cleansing as provided by Immortal Healing can be effectively performed on places of Work, Home and other Social Spaces.



Immortal Healing Aura Plus Strengthening Bath Preparations is a bespoke preparation package that has been formulated through psychic guides.  The Immortal Healing Aura Plus Strengthening Bath Preparations is for everyone who seeks a cleansing of the blockages within their aura.


The purpose of this bath is to remove all forms of negative entities that are harbouring within your aura.  Once this negativity is removed your aura energies are purified, in addition to enhancing your aura to attract your Needs, Wants and Desires.  THIS IS POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE.  With results.


Please note.  This package of an Immortal Healing Aura Plus Strengthening Bath Preparations is effective when the client is very specific as to why they require the bath preparations and what they want from the preparations.  


This service is solely by appointment only.


To book an appointment please call 07869112991