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I had a lot of blockages in my life. I felt heavy and overweight. I felt a lot of uncertainty in my life Not really knowing what was happening to me. I met Princess Otas in 2019 and she gave me a spiritual reading.
In the reading, I discovered that I had a lot of negative karmic energy from past lives and ancestral lineage. This was all new to me, but something in me trusted what she was saying. She recommended that I do some DNA & Ancestral Healing Meditation.
Since then, my whole life has changed. I feel lighter in my body. I find that I am now able to achieve things I never once imagined. I highly recommend that we all should have DNA & ancestral healing. Especially if you feel that your life is going round in circles. It helps to open your way. Princess Otas has taught me so much wisdom and knowledge. I now take more responsibility for my needs. I fill more powerful in myself. Thank you"

Nara P.

"My first of many readings. Love is all there is to be said about such a brilliant psychic. It was my first time doing a reading and I must say, that a lot was revealed in the most smoothing and fearless way. I am a believer of physics as I believe, that we live in duality and having talented human being like Princess is essential. Lovely lady and very straight forward when it comes to delivering the information required. I can add, that those who have not experienced her work are missing out on a great deal."


"I have done at least 5 sessions of DNA & Ancestral Cleansing with Immortal Healing Spiritual Consultancy. I am so grateful to know about it. I have many testimonies but one I want to share is that after clearing some blockages through DNA and ancestral healing meditations, my daughter and I started communicating again. I had the best Christmas for the first time in many years with my grandchildren and family. I have no doubt it was the DNA ancestral healing that cleared the way for unity."


“I can only thank forever. She has helped me on many levels, equipped me with many tools to continue walking with The Great Being. My family and I have bought bundles of 5 Reiki sessions which were thoroughly beneficial. I had a reading and other works performed. Best Reiki, Great Spiritual Consultant very help. You are in good hands. "


"The start of a New Begining. My first time having psychic reading with Immortal Healing. Everything, that was said at my reading, was accurate and helped me to over-stand a lot of things I was personally dealing with. After my psychic reading Immortal Healing was always there to show guidance. From this, I have grown within and for this reason alone I will definitely see Immortal Healing again."

Lisa Driver, MI

“I would 100% recommend. Very informative and helpful. Instead of making me feel scared or uncomfortable, I felt very at ease. We spoke like we already knew each other . I will continue to keep in contact as I loved the way I was treated. ”

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